Legin’s EP ‘Dark Room’

Legin recently released his new, honest EP, Dark Room, which addresses the theme “pictures develop best in dark rooms.”

From framing social justice issues in America and globally, to reflecting on personal failures and success as a husband, father and more, Legin gives a revealing picture into his personal development. The idea is that dark rooms are required to reveal the true Picture, and we’ve got to trust the Developer even in the dark times.

Contrary to much of the darker, emo-themed hip-hop music of today, in Dark Room there is a consistent message of hopefulness, unity, and trust in God.  Legin states, “My hope is that through this collection of spoken word pieces, written over different stages of my life, I can help show the hope and truth of the Gospel.  I want to show that the Gospel can give us a glimpse of the Picture to come so that we can trust the Developer’s process…no matter where we are in that process today.”

The Will Thomas directed visual for “Power of God” can be seen above.  Accompanying visuals for the singles “Spark” and “Not Alone” are also available at www.youtube.com/legintv


Story by New Release Today.
Source: Renaissance Music